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Scientific articles

  • Förster et al. (2019) under review
  • Norden et al. (2019) under review


  • Fuchs, S. (2019) "ITHERLAB − A laboratory device for the measurement of thermal rock properties at variable temperature and pressure" − Final report, in preparation
  • Conferences - Oral presentation

    • Fuchs, S.; ITHERLAB-Team (2018) "Das ITHERLAB Projekt: Zur Entwicklung einer laborativen Messapparatur für thermische Gesteinseigenschaften bei variablen Druck, Temperatur und Fluid-Bedingungen" Der Geothermiekongress 2018. Geothermische Vereinigung (Essen, 28.11.2018). Oral presentation

    Conferences - Poster presentation

    • Fuchs, S.; Raab, S., Giese, R.; Poser, M.; Ziegenhagen, T.; Henkel, C. (2018) "The ITHERLAB project: Development of a laboratory device for the measurement of thermal rock properties at variable temperature and pressure" EGU General Assembly 2018 (Vienna, 09.04.2018). Poster presentation
    • Andrea Förster, Sven Fuchs, Ben Norden, Hans-Jürgen Förster (2017). "Geotherms of the continental crust: ambiguity from experimental P-T correction to thermal conductivity." IASPEI Symposia, S24. Methods and instruments of experimental geothermics - application and recent evolution. Online abstract

    Courses / Workshops

    • Sven Fuchs, Ben Norden (winter term 2018/19). "Fundamentals of geothermics of the Earth's crust" master module at the University of Potsdam (Germany) [video announcement | EN]
    • Sven Fuchs, Ben Norden (winter term 2017/18). "Fundamentals of geothermics of the Earth's crust" master module at the University of Potsdam (Germany)

    Relevant publications and reports by others

    Selected publications by others related to the pressure and temperature dependency of rock thermal properties.

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