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Progress & Result


M1: Elevated p/T conditions can be safely applied simultaneously to the measurement cell. M2: Design and programming of interface and software and the overall construction process are finished. M3: Sensors are working properly and deliver reproducible results, the calibration is done. M4: Laboratory measurements (standard method) under ambient p/T conditions are finished. M5: Apparatus measurements at ambient conditions are validated with standard TCS measurements. M6: Measurement of thermal properties under elevated p/T conditions and of petrophysical properties after p/T load are finished M7: Analysis of the p/T dependency of rock thermal properties is finished.


D1.1 New in-situ laboratory measurement apparatus D2.1 New device validated at ambient conditions with measurements from standard procedure D2.2 Conference paper D2.3 Scientific paper D2.4 Conference paper D3.1 In-situ data set measured with new measurement device D4.1 Mathematical formulation of the p/T-dependency of TC and TD D4.2 Conference paper D4.3 Scientific paper D5.1 Set up of project website D5.2 Public engagement D5.3 Workshop D5.4 Final scientific and management report

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