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The ITHERLAB project team

The MCSA individual fellowship is awarded to Sven Fuchs who is the head of the Thermal Petrophysics Lab and works in the Earth Temperature field cluster (link) of the Geoenergy section of the German Research Centre for Geosciences Potsdam, Germany. The cluster 'Temperature Field of the Earth' has leading expertise in heat transfer processes in the Earth lithosphere and thus in the characterization of thermo-hydraulic rock properties and the thermal field at local to regional scale. Research in the ITHERLAB project is conducted by a team of scientists that cover a wide range of expertises:

The Fellow

Sven Fuchs (contact)
Hydrogeologist, Geoscientist


Sven is a geoscientist and works in the field of petrophysics, hydrogeology and geothermal exploration geology. His research focus is on temperature and heat-flow studies (analytical and numerical modelling) and he is an expert of rock thermal properties. The fellow has great experience in working with techniques to determine those properties on different scales (mineral to geological formation) and with different methods (measurements, statistical analysis, geophysical and numerical modelling). Read more...

The scientist in charge

Andrea Förster (GFZ profile)


The scientist in charge − Andrea Förster − is an internationally recognized expert on temperature and heat-flow studies since the early 1990th. She has worked extensively in the area of the thermal structure of the Earth crust, particularly concerning the complexity of the rock thermal properties, and has a track record of publications in this research field. She is the leader of the "Temperature field of the earth" cluster at the Section 4.8 Geoenergy .

Working group member

Hans Jürgen Förster (GFZ profile)

Siegfried Raab (GFZ profile)

Mathias Poster (GFZ profile)

Ronny Giese

Ben Norden (GFZ profile)

Thomas Ziegenhagen (GFZ profile)